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April 2019

The last few months have seen Jake take a low profile as he completed the work for his forthcoming solo exhibition at Unit London.

'Legacy and Disorder' will open next month at the Unit's Mayfair space. A brand new collection, it features a series of large oil paintings depicting figures, which will be displayed next to a number of smaller sketches and studies.

"Jake Wood-Evans’ new solo exhibition, centres around the creation of a transient, enveloping yet imploding, space for his fragmented historical figures to inhabit.

The collection focuses on this altered atmosphere, and builds upon his existing fascination with the collision between past and present. Wood-Evans sees what has come before in the art world as a precious bounty of possibilities that can be excavated, studied and re-appropriated in new forms. The dynamic relationship between past, present, and the possibility of what is yet to come is celebrated with fragments of each coexisting on the canvas".

The photograph below offers an exclusive sneak preview of some of the paintings from the exhibition whilst in progress at the studio.

In a schedule change from the previously circulated dates, the show will now open a couple of weeks earlier, running from Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June 2019. The private view event will be held on Thursday 23rd May. During work on this collection, Jake was asked to donate a painting to the MTV Re:Define charity art auction and gala in Dallas, Texas. Organised via the Goss-Michael Foundation and MTV Staying Alive, the event took place last month and raised an incredible $1.6 million towards HIV prevention.

Jake's painting raised $32,500 under the hammer towards that total. The piece, included below, again offers an insight into the feel of the works for the new show.

'Lady de la Pole, after George Romney' by Jake Wood-Evans

220x140cm, oil on linen, 2019

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