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London Calling

23 May - 17 June 2023

UNIT London

London Calling is a new group exhibition that provides an expansive vision of what it means to be an artist living and working in the UK capital today.

Reflecting the pluralism of the city, the exhibition highlights the extensive variety of artistic voices that are redefining the London art scene and, in turn, broadening ideas of what it means to be British. Encompassing recent arrivals and long-term inhabitants, London Calling celebrates the many artistic contributions of those who have chosen to base themselves in this unique capital city.

Rooting itself in the legacy of London-based contemporary art movements, such as the Young British Artists, the exhibition charts a course from those who have long been working in the city and those who are only just calling it their home. Starting with artists who began their careers by challenging the conventions of London’s art world and who have now been unquestionably recognised by the Royal Academy of Art, London Calling features works by Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin and Gavin Turk. Artworks by these long-time residents are shown alongside newer contemporary voices who are carving out their own place in the London art scene.

Contemporary sculptor Alma Berrow’s artworks sum up what it means to be British in her eyes. After working in hospitality in London for years, Berrow became inspired by her experience living in a vast melting pot. Featuring fry ups and cigarettes, her sculptures recall the London institution of a greasy spoon café. Alfie Ruoy’s artworks are equally influenced by his experience of living in the city. Increasingly inspired by a desire to connect to nature while living in a metropolis, Ruoy’s works provide avenues from urban settings to the natural world. Similarly, Effie Wanyi Li, who is now entering into her sixth year of living in London, considers the unpredictability of the city. These continuous changes that occur within her urban environment contribute to the multisensory aspects of her artworks, which explore the relationship between mind and body.

London Calling presents many more artists who are navigating their own relationships to the capital city and translating these experiences into their artistic practice. Rejoicing in the diversity of London and its many inhabitants, the exhibition strives to celebrate well-known voices while illuminating new perspectives.

FEATURING: Helen Beard, Alma Berrow, Tracey Emin, Jake Wood-Evans, Amy Hui Li,  Nick Hornby, Henry Hudson, David Hockney, Betty Leung, Haeji Min, Annie Morris, Effie Wanyi Li, Grayson Perry, Alfie Rouy, Gavin Turk, Lian Zhang.

FREVO studio shot 7.jpg
The Hay Wain, after Constable, 170x180cm, oil on canvas, 2023.jpeg

The Hay Wain, after Constable

170x180cm, oil on canvas, 2023

Jake Wood-Evans

The Cornfield, after Constable, 170x180cm, oil on canvas, 2023.jpeg

The Cornfield, after Constable

170x180cm, oil on canvas, 2023

Jake Wood-Evans

Jake Wood-Evans studio shot 2, May 2023.jpg

Jake Wood-Evans in the studio, 2023

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