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(Re)Birth of Venus

Renaissance Painting 2.0

9 July - 22 August 2021

Pulpo Gallery, Murnau, Germany

Known as the “Birth of Venus”, the composition actually shows the goddess of love and beauty arriving on land, on the island of Cyprus, born of the sea spray and blown there by the winds, Zephyr and, perhaps, Aura. The goddess is standing on a giant scallop shell, as pure and as perfect as a pearl. - Uffizi Galleries.

Beautiful blonde waves, a gracile nude female figure and a mythical scallop shell - In the mid 1480s, the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli changed the art world with his tempera masterpiece The Birth of Venus. His Italian Renaissance artwork set new standards for fine art and inspired artists all over the world in the centuries that followed.


Almost 540 years later, in (Re)Birth of Venus - Renaissance Painting 2.0 some of todays most talked about contemporary artists take a deeper look at Botticelli's masterpiece and reinterpret the mythical moment of the goddess’ arrival on land after her birth. As part of a Renaissance revival in this day and age, painting, sculpture, craftmanship and street art merge together in this show.


Featuring 12 international contemporary artists: Jake Wood-Evans, Goin, Gao Hang, Paa Joe, Guillermo Lorca, Madsaki, Joseph Meloy, Amadeo Morelos, Ricardo Passaporte, Judy Rifka, Mircea Suciu and Sophie Vallance.

Pulpo JWE Birth of Venus.jpg

Jake Wood-Evans

Long After the Birth of Venus

Oil on linen, 150x100cm 

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