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July 2018

We are pleased to provide a preview of the brand new series of limited edition prints by Jake Wood-Evans, due to be released at 10am GMT on 1st August 2018.

Titled 'Seascape with Crimson' and 'Seascape with Charcoal', there are four editions of the print available. Taken from the original oil painting 'Section of a seascape 6, with Alzarin Crimson', the print is currently in production with long-time collaborators Tin Dogs Fine Art in Brighton.

The printers proofs have been confirmed, and we are delighted to share photographs of some of the artists proofs and early editions that Jake is working on prior to the release date.

All four print editions are giclee prints, with a hand-pulled silk screen varnish, numbered and signed by the artist. They are printed on 330gsm somerset velvet archival cotton rag paper with a deckled edge. Two of the editions will be a very low print run of just 1-10 each, black and white, extra large and individually hand worked by Jake.

Each print will be unique, with Jake working in the addition of graphite, charcoal, conté and paint. Measuring 107 x 127.6cm (paper size), 95 x 115.6cm (image size), the print is the largest Tin Dogs has produced to date.

A stunning colour edition of 80 numbered and signed prints will also be accompanied by a smaller print run of 25 black and white prints. These 25 will again be hand-worked by Jake with charcoal, conté, graphite and paint. These two editions are both sized 90 x 75.75cm (paper), 80 x 65.8cm (image).

To see one of the prints in the flesh prior to the release date, you can view number 1/25 of the smaller hand-worked edition, which will be on show at Art Republic Brighton's 'Modern Masters' exhibition from 12-24th July.

For additional images and the full specifications for all the print editions, please visit Jake's print page here.

To reserve your copy, please click here.

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