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December 2019

Jake has spent the second half of the year preparing for his next solo exhibition at The Discovery Centre, Winchester in partnership with The Hampshire Cultural Trust and Unit London.

The show will kick start the new year, with a private view event on Thursday 9th January. For details about attending please click here. 'Relic' will then run from 10th January to 29th March 2020.

"This new body of work from Jake Wood-Evans continues the artist's meditative explorations of memory and mortality. Wood-Evans’ style has always been heavily indebted to the Baroque and here is no different: echoes of Rubens, Van Dyck and Poussin reverberate around his new, heavily abstracted, compositions. Whereas previously Wood-Evans’ work had a decidedly figurative core, we now see the artist in a period of subtraction. In taking away the rigidity imposed by a figurative structure, the artist enables himself to add emotional depth. These paintings capture the essence of what it was to view a Wood Evan’s portrait from Legacy & Disorder or Transitions, the subject and composition has changed, but the qualia remains broadly the same. Wood-Evans’ has reduced the aesthetic experience down to something tighter, more concise, more intense - like a poem condensed into a single line".

To read more details about the work and view images of all the works featured, click to view the exhibition catalogue below:

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