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March 2023

Jake began the new year by taking part in a superb group exhibition at Gowen Contemporary in Geneva, Switzerland.

REVIVAL I opened on January 19th and runs until April 29th, 2023. In the gallery's own words the show, which will be the first in a series, "unites over twenty international contemporary artists whose visual language engages with, reimagines, and transforms imagery from the art historical canon. The show explores various stylistic and methodological interventions in relation to eighteenth-century aesthetic traditions.

Elegant portraiture, conversation pieces, landscapes and the defining mores, trends and events of the era are revisited via ever-changing modes of representation. REVIVAL I - XVIIIe siècle aspires to capture the eighteenth-century zeitgeist, connecting the past to contemporary work as a mechanism for understanding and informing about the complexities of the present, whilst laying the groundwork for the future".

Having recently completed a year-long purpose built studio project, Jake moved into his brand new space last month. Beginning his latest body of work here, he is currently working on a collection of paintings that consider landscape. In doing so, he is interested in examining the genre directly, looking at references such as Constable's rural idylls, as well as exploring the scenic backdrops so often used in figurative and portrait paintings of the era.

A selection of these works are destined for an exciting show in New York, scheduled for May 2023. More details to follow...

Stratford Mill by John Constable, painted in 1820


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